Meeting Cassie & the cast of Shadowhunters

I was one of the Superfan winners to win a trip to NYC in December 2015 to meet Cassandra Clare.

A short something I wrote when asked about NYC on Twitter

So the night started off with us all taking a bus over the bus ABC studios in NYC. When we got there they had hair and makeup check us over (we were all good). Then we had to wait outside. They filmed us running into the building, a few times.  Pretty much everything was filmed a few times.  Whenever we were surprised, we were really surprised once and then they filmed it again! So we go upstairs and a huge conference room is made over like a Christmas party (this was for pop up Santa after all) and a lot of the decorations were made out of TMI books, hundreds of them!


Each winner got to bring one person. So just the winners first went into the room.  We sit there and Cassie comes in.  She read a passage from Lady Midnight and then surprised us all with ARCS!  This was 3 months early. We were loving it!  So then she sat and signed each of them for us and took a picture.  While this was going on I flipped to the back of my book and read the epilogue and she laughed at me.


So we thought that we were only meeting Cassie.  We had hoped for some of the cast, some of them were posting pics around NYC but nothing was guaranteed. Then we were surprised with ALL 7 of the main cast!!!  Dom came in and sat next to me, and Emeraude sat on the floor in front of me.  I got to talk to Dom a bit.  He cut his hair ‘about 4 minutes after he was told he could’.  I asked. Hugs all around from the cast and so forth.  So they had us sitting and we were waiting while they were setting up cameras and such and so we were all just chatting in-between takes.  Once they got what they needed our +1’s from the other room came in (only if they were siblings, or friends, and my husband.  They didn’t want the parents in there lol) and we just had a big Christmas party!  We got a photograph to get autographed from the cast and we all just wandered around talking to each other.


The cast was amazing! They really cared what we thought, especially about their characters, and they were happy to meet us! This is the point when Cassie and my hubby got the famous Malec pics (before this there weren’t any of them together) and I had an interview with Harry and Matt.  I got to talk with Alberto for quite a bit.  Isaiah and I bonded over R5.  They are my favorite band and he plays hockey with them.  I talked with Emeraude about the necklace (the writers had always planned on having it).


Then Kat and Dom had a surprise for us!  We were going to watch Beyond the Shadows (it wasn’t on TV til the next day). And that is when the cast was supposed to leave.  BUT THEY DIDN’T.  They said that they wanted to stay and hang with us and watch it!  They were so cool. So we sat and watched it together and hung out for a bit.  That is when I asked Alberto if that was ketchup on his mouth J  When the promo showed J

After a while they said that it was time for the night to be done so the actors left through one door and we waited in another room.  I was first in line to get back on the bus upstairs so I saw them all again! And said thank you and good bye and they all waved and said good bye and the night was done.  I still don’t remember everything because of the adrenaline high. Best night ever!

A bit more about my Malec interview

So during the Christmas party portion where we all just wandered around they were randomly pulling people aside to do side interviews and so forth. So then I was pulled aside and then they grabbed Matt and Harry!  And I thought this was crazy since out of everyone there Sizzy was my fav and I wasn’t a crazy Malec OTPer.  I love them, and ship them, they just weren’t my top couple!


So they prompted Matt and Harry to ask me who my favorite character was. And I was like do you really want to know? Really?  And they said yes of course, and so I told them Simon.  Then they were like ok out of us who do you like the most.  And they kept trying to make me pick who their character was. J  That lasted a bit (seems like forever in my mind but really only a couple seconds I am sure) and then I finally said Magnus, but only because he was in all of the books.  I tried to be very diplomatic.  Once I said Magnus Harry used his pen and did ‘mic drop’ with it and gave it to me to do also J  And then we talked about their characters a bit.  Then the camera went away and we were about to go visit with others and that is when Cassie came over and said wait come back and she got the Malec pic that she tweeted out and my husband got another illegal Malec picture.  It was illegal because I overheard production at the beginning of the show saying to try and stay apart so that they don’t get pictures of Malec!


And I got hugs from them too!!!  But I don’t remember exactly when, cause of the adrenaline high.